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La Truffe Noire takes you on an extraordinary “White Truffle Hunt”

Dear Friends of La Truffe Noire

A few weeks ahead of the arrival of the white truffles, expected at the beginning of October, La Truffe Noire restaurant is set to make your mouth water with a raffle which will whet the appetite of the adventurers among you...

Imagine a break in a unique countryside location, where nature is still untouched.
Imagine taking a stroll along secret trails, in the company of experts, hunting for white truffles.
Imagine finding one of these precious white diamonds for yourself and taking it carefully home with you.
So, welcome to Livade, capital of the Istrian White Truffle !

The white truffle of the Istrian peninsula, at the far north of Croatia is a perfect double of the famous white truffle of Alba. With the experience that I have acquired over the past 23 years, I can assure you that the quality is absolutely identical. I usually have mine supplied by the Zigante family who hold an almost exclusive monopoly on this wonderful product that we so cherish at our table between October and the end of December.

The Zigante family, the Istria Tourist Board and I are delighted to offer this fantastic raffle prize which will take the winning couple on a “White Truffle Hunt”.
The trip will take place between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th November 2011. An exceptional adventure and you can find out more by clicking below.

Each visit to the La Truffe Noire puts you in with a chance to win this delectable trip. The winning couple will be drawn at random and announced by Maître Bernard Labranche, bailiff on 30 October 2011.

So indulge yourselves and best of luck!

Sincerely yours,

Luigi Ciciriello

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